Welcome to Lamdeni – a dynamic after-school Jewish Education and Recreation Centre.

Lamdeni was born from the acknowledged growing need to provide children attending

Victoria’s State and Independent schools with the opportunity to receive a quality Jewish

and Hebrew education - in an engaging, innovative and welcoming Jewish environment.

Lamdeni aims to ignite the Jewish spark in each child fostering awareness and pride in their

Jewish identity. Through quality educational programs and the extraordinary Lamdeni

experience, we inspire young hearts and minds in a caring and embracing Jewish

environment. The atmosphere at Lamdeni is loving, friendly and warm. We aim to ensure

each child feels they belong, matter and are important.

We are sensitive and concerned for the whole child, their wellbeing and happiness. 

The joyous foundation acquired at Lamdeni is seen today in hundreds of happy,

compassionate, confident, productive, contributing Jewish adults in our community.

An unparalleled Jewish experience!