The Lamdeni program has been specifically created and customized with the challenging needs of after hours schooling carefully considered.

The content draws on a range of international resources and is continually enhanced and refined in order to ensure the best possible learning experience in the limited time available.

Lamdeni’s multi level approach affords students the opportunity to be assessed and grouped with consideration given to both their age and level of Hebrew. With class sizes limited to 12 children; classes are large enough to create an ideal social and challenging learning environment, yet small enough for every student to receive individual care.

Lamdeni’s educational programs are goal-oriented. Our Hebrew and Judaic programs are led by two separate teams of experienced staff members, in line with our aim to keep students constantly stimulated and focused.

At Lamdeni, we strongly value parent involvement as we believe that committed parents raise involved children. We aim to continually foster a co-operative and warm relationship between parents, students and staff.