We Have Officially Launched Our Online Virtual School!

Welcome to Lamdeni Online Virtual School!
Online Virtual School Enrolment 2024 is OPEN! 

Thank you for considering a Lamdeni Virtual Jewish and/or Hebrew Education for your child.

At Lamdeni you are guaranteed a quality, caring, and successful experience! This new platform will allow children to enroll from around the world. We are not limited to our Elsternwick premises anymore. It's a new world, and we look forward to welcoming all our new virtual local, interstate and international students. 

The program will maintain the Lamdeni high standard of quality learning, accredited Hebrew in a warm, caring, virtual environment. Our dedicated staff are all qualified to teach with child safety checks and online supervisors who oversee the lessons. Our newly designed Hebrew Legends website allows children to learn and engage on a top quality virtual platform specifically designed for today's climate and today's children. 

What Does Virtual Lamdeni Offer?
We offer both Jewish education and Hebrew language sessions. You can do both or just choose between the two. We also offer the option of doing the sessions 1:1 or as part of a group. You can visit our Lamdeni Legends website below to view our Hebrew curriculum.

Session Options
- Hebrew Language
(30 Minutes | 1:1)

(45 Minutes | 1:1)  
- Hebrew Language
(30 Minutes Group Session | 2+ Students)
- Jewish Heritage
(30 Minutes | 1:1)

(45 Minutes | 1:1) 
- Jewish Heritage
(30 Minutes Group Session | 2+ Students)
- Both Hebrew Language and Jewish Heritage combined
(1 Hour | 1:1)
- Both Hebrew Language and Jewish Heritage combined
(1 Hour Group Session | 2+ Students)

If you would like to create your own group for the group sessions, please contact us at [email protected].

How Do The Sessions Work?
Jewish Heritage and Hebrew Language sessions are each 30 minute classes with an experienced warm and caring Morah. Our Jewish Heritage and Hebrew Language sessions follow our world-famous curriculum, as well as our Lamdeni Legends Hebrew Language Program. We can assure you these sessions are tailor made to suit the screen and age appropriateness of your child.  If you choose to enroll in both our Jewish Heritage and Hebrew Language programs, the online session will run for one hour. 

Enrolment Fee
$100 Booking Fee (per annum)
The enrolment fee contributes towards admin enrolment costs, student setup costs and access to our Legends Online student learning portal and resources. 

- Hebrew Language Session OR Jewish Heritage Session - 1:1
30 minutes | $40

45 minutes | $50
- Hebrew Language Session OR Jewish Heritage Session - Group
30 minutes | $30 per child

- Hebrew Language Session AND Jewish Heritage Session - 1:1
1 hour | $60

- Hebrew Language Session AND Jewish Heritage Session - Group
1 hour | $50 per child

a) Fees are determined based on an annual enrolment of an average of 40 weeks per annum. Fees are charged quarterly per term, prior to each school term according to the Victorian State School term dates. 

b) In the event of a midterm enrolment, fees are charged pro rata. 
c) In case of an absence, please notify us 72 hours in advance to be credited. Otherwise, regular fee applies.

Lamdeni Virtual School Days
Lamdeni Virtual School is open on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00-7:00 PM AEST. You have the option to choose your preferred learning time between these hours. If you prefer a different day, please contact us at [email protected].

What Happens When I Fill In & Submit My Enrolment Form Online?
Once you have enrolled, the Lamdeni Coordinator will contact you to arrange an online interview. A suitable educator will then be arranged for your child. You will receive an email confirmation along with a package in the mail filled with Lamdeni session supplies and books for Hebrew.

If you prefer an alternate time or day to what has been offered here, Lamdeni can provide a tailor-made program to suit your individual needs. 
Lamdeni is here to bring you a professional virtual education that best fits your needs.

We are happy to answer all your enquires at anytime. Please contact us to book a  tour and/or assessment. 95247703 / [email protected]