Hebrew Language: Bringing Our Language Alive

At Lamdeni, we pride ourselves in our students’ enthusiastic immersion in Hebrew learning.

Children learn to appreciate the significance of the Hebrew language and its relevance to them as members of the Australian Jewish community.

Hebrew, particularly Hebrew reading, is the key to full and meaningful engagement in traditional Jewish experiences. Friday night Kiddush, Passover Seder and the High Holy Days all come alive at Lamdeni. Through Hebrew, we do not only give our students the skills and knowledge they need to be prepared for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but we lay the foundation for their ongoing involvement in Jewish life and community.

Lamdeni’s Hebrew multi-level program, which covers all aspects from Alef-Bet to reading, writing and conversational Hebrew, is accredited by the Department of Education. Our highly acclaimed curriculum and resources are tailored in accordance with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards‘ LOTE (Languages Other Than English) guidelines. It has been brilliantly developed to cater to the distinct linguistic and cultural needs of our children.

We are committed to equipping each student with the fundamentals of Hebrew – from the traditional prayer book to today’s Modern Hebrew workbooks. Through stimulating strategies, students become familiar with the ‘building blocks’ of Hebrew, obtaining necessary language skills for fluent and accurate Hebrew reading, writing and conversation.

Our Lamdeni Legend Hebrew language program is an innovative learning program that gets children reading, writing and understanding Hebrew skillfully and quickly. Through this and many other unique and creative methods, Lamdeni demonstrates that every child can enjoy learning Hebrew.



LEVEL 1: My Magical Aleph-Bet - Aleph-Bet and Pre Reading Skills

LEVEL 2: My Wonderful World of Hebrew Reading - Learn to Read and Write

LEVEL 3: Party of Words - Simple Hebrew Units of Context

LEVEL 4: Me and My Friends - Using Hebrew with Family and Friends

LEVEL 5: A Head of Hebrew - All about Me in Hebrew

LEVEL 6: Stories for Life - Hebrew with Meaningful Lessons

LEVEL 7: Prayers of the Heart - My Prayers Book in Modern Hebrew


“Lamdeni is the best Hebrew school in the world.
We learn Hebrew and we really enjoy it.”
– Madeline Paul, student