Jewish Heritage: Celebrating Jewish Life

At Lamdeni, we foster a positive sense of Jewish identity and pride by imparting in each child an appreciation of Jewish history, culture and values.

Our tailor-made Judaic curriculum incorporates all fundamental and practical aspects of Jewish life, including: festivals and customs, Jewish history, TorahPedia, Bible stories, Mitzvot, Israel, Jewish ethics and general knowledge.

By exploring the central themes, customs, songs and history behind all Jewish festivals, our students learn to celebrate their heritage in a practical relevant and meaningful way. From Lamdeni Shabbat dinners to Pesach model seders and our pre-festival educational workshops and carnivals, every tradition comes alive.

Through our comprehensive Jewish ethics topics, which incorporate values of compassion, respect, responsibility and integrity, children learn to value the fundamentals of being a ‘mench’ – a caring and respectful human being.

Lamdeni’s curriculum includes the ‘Kids in Action’ program which is designed specifically to provide our children with the opportunity to utilize the core Jewish Values they have acquired by employing these in the wider community. The children visit the elderly and the sick, distribute Mishloach Manot on Purim and raise charity for Israel, thereby also fostering their community sense of responsibility and belonging.


Supplementing the yearly Jewish festivals curriculum

LEVEL 1: My Magical Mitzvot and Middot - Moral, Values and Virtues

LEVEL 2: My Brilliant Beginnings - Bible stories of Bereishit.

LEVEL 3: Torah Travels - Tales from the Torah Shemot-Devarim

LEVEL 4: WikiTorah - The 5 J's of Judaism the Fundamentals of our Faith

LEVEL 5: In their Shoes - Learning from our Jewish Heros to be the best we can be

LEVEL 6: Kids in Action / Lifecycles - The Jewish Perspective on Lifecycle Events

LEVEL 7: Stepping Forward - Jewish History from the Second Temple Era until Today


“An outstanding educational program; and emotional link
to what is important to our family.”
– Justine and Adam Rosham, parents.