" I have to say we opened his take home pack last night, and I can’t go on enough about how impressed we are!

  •  A certificate to go on his wall (super proud!)
  •  A little activity with Hebrew letters – totally on his level and fun!
  •  A booklet of practice for the holidays – amazing, already put into his holiday bag for sydney to do with the grandparents!!
  •  A detailed report! – WOW, you have surpassed all our expectations of high standards of teaching, how well resourced it is, professionally run and so personable too. We feel included so easily and you have taken the time to get to know us.

-         I feel quite emotional as your school has provided such a high level of Jewish education that we wouldn’t have dreamt of being able to afford at a private school!

Kol hakavod and thanks again. We are so happy and so impressed!

 (it all started with kef kids and how impressed we were with that program. Your organisation is doing a brilliant job!)"

G.Marks, parent 

Testimonials“ I commend Lamdeni for the difference it’s making in people’s lives everyday”

Nadine Judd, parent

“The quality of Jewish education continues to impress. Lamdeni more than exceeds our expectations”

Dr Steven and Sharon Kaye, parents

"My children love Lamdeni because it’s fun; I love it because they learn.”

Elana Lewin, parent

"I give Lamdeni 10/10. I love it here.”

Justine Golin, student

"Lamdeni is the best Hebrew School in the world. We learn Hebrew and really enjoy it.”

Madeline Paul, Student

"An outstanding educational program; and emotional link to what is important to our family.”

Justine and Adam Rosham, parents

"Lamdeni has taught my children what it means to be proud of their heritage and proud of who they are”

Sharon Schwartz, parent

"A great deal of fun, all in an atmosphere of care and Jewish values. Absolutetly wonderful.”

Lynn Bosman, Parent