The Lamdeni legends program is unique in that it integrates all the  strands of Language acquisition from the start.

Children learn to appreciate and value the holiness of the ancient Hebrew Language and appreciate that they are the Keepers of the Holy Hebrew Aleph-Bett. Lamdeni Legends has masterfully designed a Hebrew language program where kids can learn to read with  meaning whilst maintaining the traditional holy methods.Our innovative and unique techniques simultaneously build a whole language from Aleph and we are dedicated todelivering the highest standard Hebrew language program!

There are 6 levels in Lamdeni Legends, based on the current Victorian curriculum for LOTE. Children immerse in the Hebrew language & each level incorporates the four strands of language acquisition, i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our primary focus is to impart strong Hebrew reading skills whilst developing Hebrew language skills integrated with relevant Jewish themes. This allows the children to practically apply & use the language in their lives as Jews.

Both reading and language programs combined, help to ensure that children acquire a contemporary Hebrew, as well as practice, reading texts from the prayer book and other relevant Jewish sources.

Lamdeni Legend Levels
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