At Lamdeni, we foster a positive sense of Jewish identity and pride;
by imparting in each child an appreciation of their Jewish history,
traditions, and values.

Our tailor-made Jewish Heritage curriculum combines 6 carefully chosen programs
that provide essential knowledge, skills, and values which enrich and enhance the
lives of our children. The 6 Courses encompass the full spectrum of Jewish life from
past to present, inspiring and fostering awareness, confidence, and a positive,
proud Jewish identity.

By exploring the central themes, customs, songs, and history behind all Jewish
festivals, our students learn to celebrate their heritage in a practically relevant and
meaningful way. From Lamdeni Shabbat dinners to Pesach model seders and our
pre-festival educational workshops and carnivals, every tradition comes alive.

We believe each child is precious and unique and educate to promote respect towards
every child, educator, and parent regardless of their religious beliefs, lifestyle choices,
abilities or special needs. We welcome and plan for individual children and
meet the needs of special kids in need of a modified curriculum.

We strongly believe in safeguarding children and child protection.

At Lamdeni children love being Jewish; love their People, G‑d, Holy Land, and can
confidently be their true selves in an open, friendly embracing environment.